Mastery By The Month Missions

Jane of All Trades; Master of None

What does it take to become an expert on something?

Have you ever heard that it takes 10,000 to accomplish total mastery of a skill? Malcolm Gladwell put forth the idea in his book, Outliers, in 2008. Since then, the world over has used it as a mantra. The fundamental belief is that with enough hours put in, you can be an expert in any field.

Daily practice is excellent! That’s undeniable. While I enjoy the thought of achieving an almost folklore-ish level of abilities with just enough time put in, I’m of the personal belief that concentrated and focused practice is more powerful in learning any talent.

I’ve had a passion for food for the longest time. At the beginning of 2018, I made the self-determination that I need to learn how to cook or bake all of my favorite treats on my own with a formidable level of competency. Rest assured that my perpetual search for amazing food in Paris will never end. I merely want to save a portion of my budget to invest in broadening my own capabilities in the kitchen.

So! Given all this, I’m selecting one genre per month and making that my main concentration. I’ll be releasing three or four recipes I’ve tried, any personal modifications I’ve made, and helpful tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way. Keep an eye out for the first installment – it’ll be coming at the end of March!~

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